Emergency Funding

Are you organising an action on an urgent issue? Or to react to sudden political or societal developments? And weren’t able to apply for funding sooner due to the situation? In that case we can treat your application as an urgent application. 

Considering that the emergency fund is fluid and constantly changing, we are not setting any limits on the amount you can apply for. After we receive your application we will let you know with what amount we can support you. 

A decision concerning your request will be made within days. Please note: this option is specifically meant for unforeseen situations (for example, changing political contexts, actions/protests facing unforeseen obstacles, arrests, etc.), not for last minute funding for actions that are already prepared.


Before applying, see if your needs fit our criteria


– Support politically controversial projects that have difficulty finding financial aid elsewhere.

–  Urgent.

– Actionable (protests, direct action, revolutions, other creative forms of confrontational action, legal interventions, legal help, etc.).

– Supports groups, organizations or social movements that fight for a honest, just and ecologically sound society.

–  This fund won’t fund structural costs like wages or rental costs.

–  This fund won’t support conferences, seminars, debates or other meetings.

–  We don’t support political parties.

– This fund doesn’t support cultural or educational projects that only aim at raising awareness.