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Welcome to Queersources Club! Below, you can find the collaborative archive of online sources, exploring everything that is queer. You are welcome to use the articles, books, chapters and whatever else you find here for free. Is there anything missing on the list that you would like to read? Reach out! In case you wish to contribute with a source yourself – drop us an email. We want to see this archive flourishing, representing the topics that the community is interested in, so don’t be shy and pick your read! Resources in order of Author last name, first name:

ID Author(s) Title with Link Language Key words/theme
1 Al-Saji, Alia The racialization of Muslim veils: A philosophical analysis English Feminism, France, Frantz Fanon, gender oppression, hijab, Islam, phenomenology, racism, veil
2 Alsop, Rachel Judith Butler: ‘The queen of queer’ English Gender, theory
3 Atherton, Michelle Feminine and Masculine Personnas in Performance English Sexuality, gender, performance
4 Ayoup, Colleen and Podmore, Julie Making Kings English Drag kings, lesbians, performance, sexuality, masculinity, documentary film, Montréal
5 Balogh, Andrea P. Kinging in Hungarian Lesbian Culture English Drag king, female masculinity, Hungarian lesbian activism, post-socialist culture, heteronormativity
6 Barnett, Joshua Trey and Johnson, Corey W. We Are All Royalty English Drag performer, genderqueer, narrative inquiry, queer space
7 Basiliere, Jae Staging Dissents: Drag Kings, Resistence, and Feminist Masculinities English Drag king, feminist masculinities
8 Bazile, Sophonie Memories from the Dykeaspora English Haitian, queer, memory, diaspora, belonging
9 Beauvoir, Simone de “Introduction” to The Second Sex English Feminism, second wave, gender
10 Berbary, Lisbeth A and Johnson, Corey W. En/Activist Drag: Kings Reflect on Queerness, Queens, and Questionable Masculinities English Creative analytic practice, gender, LGBTQ
11 Bernstein, Elizabeth Sex Work for the Middle Classes English Authenticity, class, postindustrialism, sex work, technology
12 Bettcher, Talia Mae Trapped in the Wrong Theory: Rethinking Trans Oppression and Resistance English Trans, theory
13 Bloom, Amy The Body Lies English Gender identity
14 Boyd, Nan Alamilla The Materiality of Gender English Lesbian, transgender, transsexual, gender, sexuality
15 Bradford, K. Grease Cowboy Fever; or, the Making of Johnny T English Drag king, gender, queer, transgender, performance, feminism, liberation, social change, Travolta
16 Braziel, Jana Evans Dréed’s drag kinging of race, sex, and the queering of the American racial machine-désirante English Drag kinging, race, sex, queering
17 Butler, Judith From interiority to gender performatives English Gender, performativity
18 Cahill, Clare Nancy, Sean and Birdie Jo: Contested convictions of gender English Gender identity, transgender, deviance, gender norms, gender matrix
19 Cannen, Emma Avant-Garde Militarism and a Post-Hip-Hop President English Barack Obama, war on terror, presidential masculinity, hegemonic masculinity, militarized masculinities, militarism
20 Chowdhry, Maya Living Performance English Sexuality, gender, performance
21 Clayton, Susan Can Two and a Half Centuries of Female Husbands Inform (Trans)Gender History? English Female husbands, gender otherness, heteronormative constructions of lesbianism, interpreting an oxymoron, portraylas of crowd dynamics, queering (social) gazes
22 Cobrin, Pamela She’s old enough to be a beautiful young boy: Sarah Bernhardt, breeches roles and the poetics of aging English Sarah Bernhardy, aging, L’Aiglon, Hamlet, breeches roles, travesti roles, cross-dress roles, “cross-age roles”
23 Connell, R. W. The Social Organization of Masculinity English Social organization, masculinity
24 Craig, Brody Parrish Twang: a collection of art & writing from transgender, nonbinary & gender non-conforming folks in the south & midwest English Poetry, art, transgender, nonbinary, gender non-conforming, South, Midwest
25 Crenshaw, Kimberlé Intersectionality and Identity Politics: Learning from Violence Against Women of Color English Intersectionality, identity politics, violence, feminism, race
26 Crowley, Vicki Drag Kings “Down Under” English Drag king, female masculinity, race, identity, sexuality, performativity, queer, lesbian
27 Darwish, Mahmoud A River Dies of Thirst English Journals, poetry
28 Davis, Angela Y. Are Prisons Obsolete? English Prisons, slavery, civil rights, abolitionism, reform, gender
29 Edward, Mark and Farrier, Stephen (eds) Contemporary Drag Practices & Performers: Drag in a Changing Scene Vol 1 English Drag kings, drag queens, performance
30 Eisner, Shiri Bi: Notes for a Bisexual Revolution English Bisexuality, monosexism, biphobia, feminism
31 Erickson-Schroth, Laura Trans Bodies, Trans Selves: A Resource for the Transgender Community English Transgender
32 Farris, Sara R. Femonationalism and the “Regular” Army of Labor Called Migrant Women English Migration, feminism, neo-Marxism, political economy
33 Feinberg, Leslie Stone Butch Blues English Novel, love, homophobia
34 Feinberg, Leslie Stone Butch Blues English Novel, love, homophobia
35 Feinberg, Leslie Trans Liberation: Beyond Pink or Blue English Trans, portraits
36 Feinberg, Leslie Transgender Warriors: Making History from Joan of Arc to Dennis Rodman English Transgender, history
37 Foucault, Michel We “Other Victorians”; The Incitement to Discourse; The Perverse Implantation English Discourse, gender, repression, history, philosophy, sexuality
38 Fraser, Nancy and Bhattacharya, Tithi and Arruzza, Cinzia et al Notes for a Feminist Manifesto English Feminist manifesto, thesis
39 Freire, Paulo Pedagogy of the Oppressed, 30th Anniversary Edition English Oppression, education
40 Gabb, Jacqui Marginal differences? An analysis of the imag(in)ed bodies of Del LaGrace English Gender, sexuality, feminism
41 Ginsberg, Allen Poems English Poetry, classics
42 Goffman, Erving Stigma and Social Identity English Stigma, social identity, visuality
43 Halberstam, Judith An Introduction to Female Masculinity English Female masculinity
44 Halberstam, Judith Drag Kings English Drag kings
45 Halberstam, Judith John Radclyffe Hall and the Discourse of Inversion English Female masculinity, discourse
46 Halberstam, Judith The Drag King Book English Drag king, photography, interviews, class, race, masculinity
47 Halberstam, Judith What’s that smell? Queer temporalities and subcultural lives English Agency, archive, counter-publics, punk, resistence, riot grrrl, youth cultures
48 Hammidi, Tania Nicole Dance, Dress, Desire: Drag Kings, Prison Wear, and the Dressed, Dancing Body English Costume, performance, drag king, choreography, LGBTIQ
49 Hammond, Joyce D. Making a Spectacle of Herself English Lesbian
50 Haraway, Donna Situated Knowledges: The Science Question in Feminism and the Privilege of Partial Perspective English Feminism, epistemology
51 Harding, Sandra Introduction: After the Science Question in Feminism English Feminism, science
52 Harding, Sandra Introduction: Standpoint Theory as a Site of Political, Philosophical, and Scientific Debate English Standpoint theory, feminism, politics, philosophy, science
53 Hart, Betty de Sexuality, race and masculinity in Europe’s refugee crisis English Cologne, sexuality, race, masculinity, refugee
54 Hemmings, Clare Rescuing Lesbian Camp English Lesbian, camp, drag, butch, femme, trans, bisexual
55 Hill Collins, Patricia Black Feminist Epistemology English Feminist epistemology, race
56 Hill Collins, Patricia Toward a New Vision: Race, Class, and Gender as Categories of Analysis and Connection English Race, class, gender
57 hooks, bell Choosing the Margin as a Space of Radical Openness English Radical standpoint, race, feminism
58 hooks, bell Continued Devaluation of Black Womanhood English Race, gender, black feminism, racism, slavery
59 hooks, bell Feminism is for Everybody: Passionate Politics English
Feminism, politics, sisterhood, education, bodies, consciousness, class, work, race, gender, violence, parenting, marriage, sexual politic, spirituality
60 Hubman, Melinda Performing Masculinities English Photography
61 Inness, Julie Lesbian Sexual Renegades? English Lesbian, sexual practices, identities, politics
62 Jackson, Stevi Gender, sexuality and heterosexuality English Gender, sexuality, heteorosexuality, homosexuality, queer
63 Jones, A. Global Motivations to Cam: Challenging Alienation and Recapturing Pleasure in Work English Camming, sex work
64 Koenig, Sheila “Dragon Fly” Walk Like a Man English Drag kings, queer theory, gender, transgender, edmonton, Fly Bastards, lesbian, sexuality, male impersonation, performativity
65 Koyama, Emi The Transfeminist Manifesto English Transfeminism, feminism, manifesto
66 Krakauer, Ilana D. and Rose, Suzanna, M. The Impact of Group Membership on Lesbians’ Physical Appearance English Lesbian, coming out, appearance, body image
67 Kumbier, Alana One Body, Some Genders English Drag, drag king, drag queen, technology, queer, glam, performance, masculinity, femininity
68 Laqueur, Thomas Of Language and the Flesh English Sexuality, gender, body
69 Link, Bruce G. and Phelan, Jo C. Conceptualizing Stigma English Labeling, stereotype, discrimination, exclusion, deviance
70 Lorber, Judith Believing is Seeing: Biology as Ideology English Biology, sociology, sexuality, gender

Lugones, María

Toward a Decolonial Feminism English

Colonialism, post-colonialism, gender, race, sexuality, capitalist colonial modernity



Zinas: Kelionė. Peter Watkins
Zine: Journey
Lithuanian and English

Empathy, solidarity, anti-military, peace, community

72 Maltz, Robin Real butch: The performance/performativity of male impersonation, drag kings, passing as male, and stone butch realness English Performativity, queer female masculinity, theatrical performance, melae impersonators, drag kings, passing, stone bitch subjectivity
73 Maltz, Robin Toward a Dyke Discourse English Dyke discourse, queer theory, female subjectivity, desire, sexual practice, lesbian
74 McIntosh, Peggy White privilege: Unpacking the invisible knapsack English White privilege, academics
75 Millett, Kate Sexual Politics English Feminism, politics, sexuality
76 N/A Kingdom: International Drag King Magazine vol 1 English Drag kings
77 N/A What Is Gender Nihilism? A Reader English Collection, gender, nihilism, theory
78 Nakano Glenn, Evelyn The social Construction and Institutionalization of Gender and Race English Constructivism, gender, race
79 Neveel, Neeve “Amy” Me Boy English Drag king, gender, feminism, gender performativity, transgender, female masculinity, transfeminism
80 Nielsen, Elly-Jean Lesbian camp: An unearthing English Camp, lesbian women, art, performance, butch-femme
81 Noble, Jean Bobby Seeing Double, Thinking Twice English Camp, drag king, female masculinity, dialogism, Bakhtin, masculinity, Toronto, queer theory, performativity, race, whiteness, irony, transsexual
82 Ochs, Robyn and Rowley, Sarah E. Getting Bi: Voices of Bisexuals Around the World, Second Edition English Bisexuality, stories
83 Oyěwùmí, Oyèrónké Visualizing the Body: Western Theories and African Subjects English Visualization, body, Western, African, gender
84 Pattereson, Jennifer Lyn Capital Drag English Drag, gender, king, lesbian, masculinity, performance, queer, sexuality, Washington
85 Pauliny, Tara “I am your king”: A Theorization of Rhetorical Female-to-Male Drag English Feminism, rhetorical history, gender
86 Pauliny, Tara Erotic Arguments and Persuasive Acts English Argument(s), audience, desire, discourse(s), drag king(s), ideology, identity, race, rhetoric, performance
87 Pauliny, Tara Politics and play: meditations on rhetorical bodily performance English Drag king, body, performance, politics, body, identity, play
88 Pereira, Pedro Paulo Gomes Queer in the Tropics: Gender and Sexuality in the Global South English Gender, sexuality, Global South
89 Piontek, Thomas Kinging in the Heartland; or, The Power of Marginality English Camp, drag king, drag queen, femininity, gender, H.I.S. Kings, masculinity, Midwest, performativity, race
90 Rajunov, Micah and Duane, Scott Nonbinary: Memoirs of Gender and Identity English Nonbinary, gender identity
91 Rich, Adrienne Cecile Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence English Compulsory heterosexuality, lesbian existence, feminism
92 Rosenfeld, Kathryn Drag King Magic English Drag kings, performance, magic, masculinity, lesbian, bisexuality, gender, anthropology, social power, desire
93 Rothman, Joshua The Origins of “Privilege” English Privilege, Peggy McIntosh, feminism, interview
94 Rubin, Gayle Thinking Sex: Notes for a Radical Theory of the Politics of Sexuality English Radical theory, feminism, politics, sexuality
95 Rupp, Leila J. and Taylor, Verta and Shapiro, Eve Ilana Drag Queens and Drag Kings: The Difference Gender Makes English Drag queens, drag kings, transgender, gender, performance
96 Sachs, Jeffrey D. The End of Poverty: Economic Possibilities for Our Time English Political economy, poverty
97 Schacht, Steven P. Lesbian Drag Kings and the Feminine Embodiment of the Masculine English Lesbian drag king, lesbian drag queen, doing gender, gender as performance, imperial sovereign court, embodiment, masculinity, femininty, gay drag kings, gay drag queens
98 Schares, Evan Mitchell Witnessing the archive: Stormé DeLarverie and queer performance historicity English Performance historicity, Black drag, Stonewall, photographs, lesbian aesthetics
99 Sennett, Jay and Bay-Cheng, Sarah “I am the Man!” Performing Gender and Other Incongruities English Halberstam, transgender, drag, performance, Shakespeare, transsexual, gender, autobiography
100 Shapiro, Eve Drag Kinging and the Transformation of Gender Identities English Drag kings, gender identity, performativity
101 Solanas’, Valerie S.C.U.M. Manifesto English, Dutch Feminism, manifesto
102 Solo, Christopher Nepantla: An Anthology for Queer Poets of Color English Poetry, queer, race
103 Strolovitch, Dara Z. Do Interest Groups Represent the Disadvantaged? Advocacy at the Intersections of Race, Class, and Gender English Advocacy, intersectionality, race, class, gender
104 Stryker, Susan (De)Subjugated Knowledges: An Introduction to Transgender Studies English Transgender
105 Surkan, Kim Drag Kings in the New Wave English Drag king, masculinity, butch, transgender, gender fluidity, identity, performance, participation, freak, disability
106 Taylor, Melanie A. The masculine soul heaving in the female bosom’: Theories of inversion and The Well of Loneliness English Stephen Gordon, transgender, inversion, cross-gender identification, same-sex desire, gender embodiment
107 Taylor, Verta and Whittier, Nancy E. Collective Identity in Social Movement Communities: Lesbian Feminist Mobilization English Feminism, mobilization, social movements
108 The Combahee River Collective A Black Feminist Statement English Feminism, race
109 Thompson, Lauren Jade Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit: Performing Masculinity in How I Met Your Mother English Sitcom, masculinity, postfeminism, gender, comedy, bachelor
110 Torr, Diane and Czyzselska, Jane Drag Kings and Subjects English Drag, sexuality, gender, performance
111 Troka, Donna Jean and Noble, Jean Bobby and Lebesco, Kathleen Introduction English Drag kings
112 Weaver, Lois Performing Butch/Femme Theory English Performance, butch, femme, theatre
113 Wekker, Gloria “What’s Identity Got to Do with It?” Rethinking Identity in Light of the Mati Work in Suriname English Identity, Mati, Suriname
114 Wekker, Gloria Of Homo Nostalgia and (Post)Coloniality: Or, Where Did All the Critical White Gay Men Go? English Homosexuality, postcoloniality, race, sexuality, gender
115 West, Candace and Zimmerman, Don H. Doing Gender English Gender, sex, sex category
116 Willox, Annabelle Whose Drag Is It Anyway? Drag Kings and Monarchy in the UK English Transgender, queer, drag, camp, butch, femme, sexuality, performativity, performance, identity
117 Woolf, Virginia Orlando English Fiction, LGBT, Lesbian, Biographical
118 Woolf, Virginia To the Lighthouse English Fiction