Actions of 2021

Last year, members of the network’s Participatory Fund distributed €2,342 amongst ourselves. How did it work?

– network members thought of ways on how to bring our communities together and create change

– everyone met up (online) and shared the money to make it happen (offline)

During the year, some of us encountered urgent challenges that demanded funding. To meet the need, we established Emergency Fund, open to everyone. Two initiatives ended up using the total of €550 to help the refugees at the border and save the trees from being cut down in Vilnius.

EMERGENCY FUND: Climate Action Front

In between August and October, a group of activists in Vilnius set their minds to protecting trees from their city’s municipality’s actions. The activists approached the Emergency Fund in order to obtain funds for materials needed for their NVDA campaign.

Zine-Making 101

Series of zine workshops, involving the local, national and Baltic communities-an accessible and creative outlet for youth activism, concerns about political issues, building and connecting with the community across borders and within local regions.


In autumn 2021, activists from Luna6 together with an organization Sienos grupė used the funds garhered from Emergency Fund to respond to the migrant crisis at Lithuanian border. The money was used to get food supplies for a local migrant centre, as well as emergency...

Luna6 Social Platform

Last summer, the social centre in Vilnius Luna6 were working towards spreading awareness and building local neighbourhood community via participatory planning and discussions.

SapfoFest 2021

SapfoFest is non-commercial, independent, community-initiated festival in Lithuania, which seeks to empower & connect the queer-feminist community since 2014.

Ultimate Leisure Workers Club

ULWC is all about building community and growing queer cultural scene through DJ workshops, mixtape series and parties. The first party Take Back The Night was organized in collaboration with Vilnius Queer Festival Kreivės, and since then the party movement is...

Tolerantiški vakarai

Throughout August and September 2021, Apeironas theatre in Klaipėda facilitated three events dedicated to building a local LGBTQIA+ and allies community. The organizers used the theatre space to facilitate a discussion on LGBTQIA+ wellbeing with a mental health...