Actions of 2022

 Last year, members of the network’s Participatory Fund received request for funding, from which 14 were funded. Totaling at €8,750 distributed. Following on from last year, we once again set up the Emergency Fund which distributed €1,800 amongst 3 applicants.

We are also happy to welcome our 12 new member who have joined in the last year.

Sienos Grupe

The group received emergency funding to help migrants who were stuck at the border during winter. Due to political changes, an increased number of migrants (mostly from the middle-East) are stuck on the Lithuania-Belarus border. Defying the current law, Sienos Grupe volunteers tried to get migrants to places where they could seek help, or supply them with basic medicine and food while crossing the border. Funding also supported a protest against deportation.

Latvian Drag Kings – Drag King History Show 101

The group finalized Episode 3 of Drag King History and created an event to celebrate its release. The whole miniseries was presented next to a drag show. There were 9 performers and a standup show.

Androgear – International Day of Transgender Visibility event

The group organized live music, drag and burlesque performances in Sveta bar in Tallinn to celebrate this date. The event was a success, filling the whole space with people.

Queer Safer/Space

A group of LGBTQIA+ activists applied for the funds in order to establish a space in Riga which would be a safe place for the local queer community. The place that they originally found needed certain improvements in order to be functional, therefore the group started an event series which attracted a growing number of attendees. Over the year, they successfully renovated the space and continue to grow as a group of activists.

Kombinatas 2022

Kombinatas is a yearly event, exploring social and political ideas based on solidarity, cooperation and inclusiveness. Festival is community based, it is free and its programme is built by the participants. The festival in 2022 focused on the war in Ukraine and new municipalist practices in Eastern Europe. In 2022, Kombinatas gathered over 250 participants.

Fridays For Future – Rhythms of Resistance

The goal of this project was to increase the capacity of the local RoR group by repairing the equipment. New parts were ordered and applied, as a result the group could continue in attending the protests and making them louder, as well as attracting new members.

Estonian Trans Alliance

The group used the funds for hosting a workshop where they learnt about how to use social media tools successfully, increasing their visibility and presence with the approaching Pride events.


self-defense classes for LGBTQIA+ community (Lithuania)
In total, five courses were held in Kaunas (5–10 participants at a time). During these meetings, theoretical and practical knowledge was provided.

Sapfo 2022

We organise one and only queer feminist festival in The baltic states and in 2022 it celebarted the 10 year aniversary, so in colaboration with Kreives magazine, we are publishing the magazine that is dedicated for 10 years of SafoFest.

LGBT photography workshops

A group of photographers organized workshops for LGBT community in Vilnius and Kaunas. Participants had a chance to learn about film loading, negative enlargement and developing in a darkroom setting. The goal was to create a safe space for the queer community, exploring ways of expressing one’s identity, meeting new people.