Zine-Making 101

Throughout June–October 2021, a newly born collaboration of Latvian and Lithuanian activist groups (Active Rainbow (LV – lead facilitators), Baltic Drag King Collective (LV), Apeironas theatre (LT) and Lithuanian Women’s Movement (LT)) organized a series of zine making workshops. Three meetings took place online, besides two face to face gatherings in Riga and Klaipeda. Online meetings offered an opportunity for people to meet, regardless where they stay. Meanwhile physical gatherings strengthened the local communities. Overall, all of these events were centred around creativity and self-expression in a safe environment.

During these workshops, young activists from the region shared amongst each other the experiences that queer communities encounter in the current political context, while putting their emotions and ideas on a page. The sessions were informative yet also informal – after learning some useful skills from the facilitators, participants were having a meaningful conversation in a friendly space.

Following the workshops, Active Rainbow team made sure to design zines that are now freely accessible for anyone interested. In total, around 35 people (of which 10 were regulars) participated in the series.

Links to zines