Communal Outdoor Social Platform

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Luna6 (Autonomous Hub for Culture and Politics) Vilnius, Lithuania

We, Luna6, are an autonomous space for culture and politics, located in the  Naujininkai district of Vilnius. We see our space as an infrastructure for social movements, providing resources for groups and initiatives to get organized and sustain themselves. Converting a commercial storefront into a  “commons”, we have communally built a library, kitchen, print workshop, screening/event space and garden. 
Although the pandemic has, of course, limited our capacities we have nonetheless continued to organize activities for and with our communities during the quarantine. These have ranged from weekly pick up lunches, homeless shelter clothing drives as well as online talks and readings. We have recently started building a new platform called the Naujininkai Commons, which intends to specifically address urban issues from the standpoint of our district. 
One of the ways we’ve discussed introducing the principles of the commons in our local urban context is through the building of a communal social platform outside Luna6, for both community gatherings and the sharing of resources. So our idea is to build a kind of patio structure where activities could be held for the community both during and after the quarantine. The construction would include benches, garden boxes and a drop off box for clothing and bedding (to be given to the local homeless shelter).
The physical construction of this communal social platform would all take place in May. Yet, social events will be organized throughout the summer to activate this new common infrastructure. Several discussions and events specifically dealing with the topic of urban commoning and problems arising in our district around gentrification will take place. Questions will be raised and a space constructed for community organisers to meet and address issues with housing, municipal planning of public spaces, and other pertinent local issues. These events would run through August. We also intend to have a number of meals that would support connections between the Luna6 community and broader public in the district. Additionally, we plan to support these connections through developing relationships with urban gardeners in our district, using some of their produce in our open kitchen meals. Finally, the new space will offer a range of other social initiatives within the Luna6 network as a space to meet during the quarantine. It’s important to note that in Lithuania there will be restrictions on meetings over the summer, limited to outdoor gatherings! All of these factors make the new outdoor space a vital and urgent resource for our community and broader district. 
For the communal outdoor social platform we ask for a total of 500eur


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