VOGUE workshop

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Vogue 101 workshop

An interactive online workshop with a chance to explore and introduce the participants to the basics of Voguing – its culture, history, and movement, and learning how to Pose together and Vogue! 

The workshop (~2h) will be hosted by Tomáš Bubelíny from Slovakia, who is a vogue practitioner himself. Tomáš will give an informal lecture about origins of voguing and its starting principles, reaching beyond mainstream representation and appropriation, providing a chance for education and appreciation for LGBT+ culture. Afterwards it will be possible to follow and learn an ensemble of moves for the participants to express themselves through voguing.

The workshop will be hosted online on Zoom platform with a possibility to host watch parties in a communal space for the participating organizations, depending on the local epidemiological situation.  

Participating organizations: Active Rainbow (Latvia/Riga, lead facilitators), Latvian Drag King Collective (Latvia/Riga), Apeironas Theatre (Lithuania/ Klaipèda), with the possibility for more organizations to join in from the Baltic region. 

About Tomaš in his own words:

I am a dreamer who loves creating beautiful things. Almost 16 years ago, I set my heart on dancing and I couldn’t stop ever since. The only thing that has changed is that I started as a professional ballroom dancer, but I turned into a voguer just as my self-expression was changing over the years. In fact, it’s the total freedom of expression that made me fall in love with vogue so easily. In vogue, you can be yourself, of course, but you can even be a prima ballerina, Miss Universe, or a cute little puppy if you want to and nobody will judge you. It’s fun, it’s art, but there’s a huge deal of culture as well. In the upcoming workshop, I hope we will all learn something new, but first of all, I want us to have fun and enjoy ourselves!


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