ZINE workshops

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Community ZINE workshops

Our proposal is to lead a series of zine workshops, involving the local, national and Baltic communities. The zine workshops would be hosted by 4 organizations- Active Rainbow (Latvia/Riga, lead facilitators), Latvian Drag King Collective (Latvia/Riga), Apeironas Theatre (Lithuania/ Klaipèda) and Lithuanian Women’s Movement, with the possibility for more organizations to join in from the Baltic region. 

The schedule is for 4 workshop sessions (1,5-3h each) with approximate dates as follows:

1st 29th of June- online, an introductory session with a free topic for individual story zine making. 

2nd mid July- online with a chosen theme, pertinent to the participating organizations (Human rights, collective activism, community gender, LGBT+). 

3rd mid August- offline session organized by participating organizations (at least one in: Klaipèda by Apeironas Theatre, in Riga by Active Rainbow and Latvian Drag King Collective)

4th follow up September-online to connect again with all the workshop participants and share their experience and strengthen the community building. 

Proposal of a zine workshop is as an accessible and creative outlet for youth activism, concerns about political issues, building and connecting with the community across borders and within local regions. Zine making is an individually affordable method for arts and crafts expression without requirements for a set level of skills and allows for the participants to express their voice in non verbal and non linear method, if they so wish, easing into the pathway for individual and collective action. 

Participants will be encouraged to take photos or scan their zines starting from the 2nd workshop to create zine collections for each session that can be then compiled, designed, printed and sent out/ distributed locally to the other participants. 

The workshops will be facilitated by Active Rainbow, based on their guide book for community zine making. Participants will be encouraged to gather their own materials prior to the workshops such as paper, paper scraps, newspapers and magazines, glue, tape, markers, etc. 


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