The Queersources Club

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  • Who are you? And are you collaborating with someone?

Festival Y?!. (Possible) collaborations from – Feministeerium, Isgirsti, Emma, Luna

  • What is your idea?

The Queersources Club: Building solidarity within the LGBTQAI+ community through knowledge sharing.

  • Why do you want it to happen? More details on your plan – what & how (feel free to mention whatever is important)?

Given the current state of LGBTQIA+ rights in the Baltics, perhaps being cause for feeling disconnected, more isolated and helpless, only furthered by the pandemic, we believe activities primarily centering the community are crucial. 

One way to show solidarity and connect the community is through knowledge sharing. 

Our aim therefore, is to show our support and introduce interested readers to queer resources, especially those living outside big cities.

Collective lists of available books would be created, and made accessible on our website for interested people to be able to request and receive. In order to do this, existing libraries would be contacted and involved as much as possible. This would help highlight the work that has already been done in creating these collections, yet make it more accessible, especially to people outside the current reach of these libraries, or those not yet closely connected to existing queer communities, and lacking support.

Festival Y?! will:

  • Reach existing libraries containing queer resources
  • Collect a list of available resources and make it available online
  • Create, facilitate and maintain a safe way to request and receive books
  • Be able to cover some postage costs
  • What’s your approximate timeframe (in months)?

Starting from June until the end of the project, we would set up and launch The Queersources Club, with the intention to grow it and continue it after the project ends. Ideally, we would be coordinating the creation of a wider network of people across the Baltics to share resources on queer topics also from their personal collections, at low or no cost. Additionally, we hope to add a pen pal initiative, among several other offline and online projects.

  • Who do you want to reach?

LGBTQAI+ community in the Baltics, especially people outside capital cities that currently have less access to resources and support. 

  • Do you need any help (skills, trainings, comms, etc.) to implement your ideas?

Communications: as we are looking to create a safe online environment for interested readers to access queer resources, reaching existing online communities is fundamental. Therefore, we would need help reaching out to queer audiences especially through the organizations already dedicated to LGBTQIA+ activism.


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