Luna6 – screenings of The Journey by Peter Watkins

Screening of Peter Watkins “The Journey”. In face of contemporary challenges, Peter Watkins’s monumental film “The Journey” gathers new importance. It invites us to consider the contemporary crises and to seek collective will and action for change. Shot at the height of the 1980s nuclear arms race, The Journey is a documentary which tries to imagine what global peace could look like.

The film was shown in parts in nine different locations across Vilnius and Kaunas (showing two episodes of the movie in each venue). It invited viewers to discover new places, starting with community centres in gentrified areas of the city, underground punk venues and revisit well known galleries and culture places. Every screening  followed by the discussion, where participants were able to express their opinions and insights regarding the topics mentioned above. We felt that in the current climate of ongoing wars, militarisation and never ending catastrophes, it is extremely important to create a space, where such discussion could happen and hope emerge.