Latvian Drag Kings – Drag King History Show 101

Drag King Show History 101

Episode 3 of Drag King History 101 – premiere of Ep. 3 of short miniseries regarding drag king history and a drag show – all in one evening. Few years ago we acquired first funding that covered filming the majority of the necessary scenes, but since then, the editing has been done on voluntary work bases. We were happy to receive funding for this event to show the audience the previous two episodes and the new release. We find it important to talk about the roots of drag culture and the drag scene.

The activity has been successful, since the premiere on youtube, the video has had 882 views. The event itself had a light and cheerful atmosphere, we even had a special guest, who did standup on trans issues and on being trans – I would say a first in Latvia. There were 9 performers on the stage that evening. 

We posted some photos from the evening in our instagram account @dragkinglv, there have been 294 accounts reached, our group photo from that evening received 43 likes.

Challenge: We sent out a nice press release to 23 e-mail addresses (mostly news segments and websites that are related to art and culture), out of these 23, 3 were hit and miss (wrong or non-existent e-mail address), and none of them published any information, there was no reply at all. In comparison, few years ago, with our first episode and first release (we were a different group though), we had some success and some posts. This time it was a bit surprising for us.

Xmas Ballzzzz

After this event, our group managed to organise another live event – “X-mas ballz”. After that, due to lack of resources  (human, time, finances), we have not had any larger activity, other than sending greeting cards on the 14th of February and on the 8th of March. We are not sure if this has had any impact, but we are making sure that people do not forget about us.