Fridays For Future – Rhythms of Resistance

We increased the capabilities of our drum group (Rhythms of Resistance Vilnius) by taking
inventory of their equipment to see where funds could be best put to use, this and ordering
new equipment took quite longer than we had expected due to faults in our own
organization, the inavailability of the necessary equipment in Lithuania and problems we
encountered with retailers while trying to order the equipment from abroad. As a result there
are still some planned repairs that have yet to take place.

We repaired several worn out drums, crafted new belts and pads and purchased new
equipment and drums. Because of the new equipment the drum group has been able to take
on an additional 4 members as it’s capacity during a single protest or performance has
increased. Old members that have grown inactive have been reinvigorated and show up to
more rehearsals.

We put the new drums to use by holding a small performance in Tauro kalnas where many
trees are currently being unnecessarily cut down, although this was in large part a test of the
new equipment in practice, the impact of this performance was insignificant other than that
we attracted a quite component new member, mid-performance.

The true value is in future follow up. The drum group will continue to aid protests and other
events, not necessarily related to Fridays for Future as they are organized. The prides of
Ryga and Vilnius are examples of big upcoming events where the full capacity of Rhythms of
Resistance will have to be put to use and therefore it is great that as a result of the funding
from Guerilla Foundation that it has increased.