Ribologija – book on boundaries

WHO: VšĮ Ribologija (www.ribologija.lt) is a non-governmental organization working on the prevention of sexual violence in Lithuania.

IDEA: This is our first initiative, first book for pre – school children (aged 3 – 6 years old) on topic of boundaries. This book is an introductory tool working in the field of sexual violence: to teach children to create and acknowledge their boundaries connected with their body, the way they
want to be touched as well as train them about sexual violence (rule of
underpants and etc.).

WHAT DID WE DO: After researching, consulting and reading, we have managed to created a story for young children and prepare , ilustrate it and create a PDF version of it.

CHALLENGES: We spent more time then we thought we would. It took as time to find an artist, create a fabula, create drawings, edit it, search for the press etc. It was also a bit complicated because we were tight in terms of finances. We could not pay people who consulted us, we had to add some money for printing.

WHAT NEXT: We are still waiting for the book to be released. Once we have printed version of it we will create a presentation and start promoting it. We would like to make this book more available and that people could find it in the book stores and much as in the libraries.