LGBT photography workshops

We put a call out for the darkroom workshops and straight away filled all the available spaces ending with a long waiting list. 

During our first workshop we inducted 5 people teaching them film loading and developing, which was followed by negative enlargement, photo printing workshop. 

We have spend some time identifying what we need to kick of the project, so it grows from a pop up darkroom to a permanent space.

We have spent this grant to get both materials and an enlarger which is capable of printing both b&w and colour negatives and at the same time is a scanner. It’s a new technology and we are excited to share the facilities with Collective Y community.

Currently we are looking to apply for more funding to be able to afford lenses needed for the enlarger and looking at sourcing second hang equipment. 

Del reporto: kadangi taremes, kad siuos pinigus leisime tik medziagoms – atsiusime dokumentacija kai tik pavyks suorganizuoti workshopa, si karta planuojame ji daryti Kaune, nes pirmas ivyko Vilniuje.

Kai kalbejau su Gabe, ji sake, kad galima atsiusti fotkes is jau ivykusio workshop’o si Sausio menesi, per kuri apmokeme tiek kaip ryskinti juosteles, tiek spausti is negatyvu.

Susidomejimas buvo toks didziulis kad teko grupe dalinti i dvi, bet nuo to laiko atsirado dar daugiau norinciu, tad sekantys workshop’ai jau nekantriai laukiami.

Linkejimai ir labanaktis,