Health insurance for all

The campaign for universal health insurance in Estonia makes use of the visual impact of stickers in public space. The campaign started already a year ago – meanwhile the slogan has been taken up and circulated also by other institutions, for example the The Estonian Association of Artists (who started a poster campaign) and Social Democratic Party (who used the slogan in their election slogans). Another dimension of the campaign is advocacy work – in the past months it focused mainly on conversations with different political parties. As a result of that advocacy work, three political parties included universal health insurance into their election platforms (parliamentary elections in Estonia were held in early March this year). The new government did not agree to introduce universal health insurance, however, the debate continues on the policy making level. Therefore, the campaign also continues.

The stickers are very visible in public space, reaching thousands of people and keeping the issue in the center of attention. The sticker distribution weather in Estonia arrived a few weeks ago. I used the financial support to print a new bulk of stickers and a group of volunteers is already distributing them in the city space. The stickers are regularly removed from the streets (by cleaning services and “concerned citizens”) and need to be replace every now and again – the printed amount will suffice for the rest of the year. Thank you!