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We are building a Baltic-wide regional network of organizations and individuals who share similar values and are fighting the systemic and structural injustices through their various initiatives and platforms.

We are grateful to Guerrilla Foundation for their support.

Our Values

We at Festival Y?! collective strongly believe in looking past individual responsibility when addressing existing societal injustices. Therefore, we try and apply an intersectional framework into our activities and initiatives.

We value teamwork, collaboration and we believe in the importance of exchanging ideas.

We continuously challenge our own preconceived notions of the power dynamics present in society, continuously learn about building inclusive movements and intersectionality. At our collective, we try our best to foster an environment fit for compassion, inclusion and long-lasting

What we do not welcome:
Political and personal ideologies which are built on discrimination, patriarchy, racism, ageism and other oppressions of individual rights, as well as green ideologies that do not take into account the liberation of others and are oppressive to marginalized identities.

How we see it

We believe that by joining our forces we can build a regional movement and make more noise together! As a result – hopefully – we can attract more attention to our cases and create the much needed change in our society.

How we do it

Spread across our region, there are numerous amazing people, who are doing inspiring work when fighting patriarchy, economic, climate and social injustices, questioning heteronormativism and other outdated discourses currently still standing strong throughout the Baltics. We believe in working for justice across the social spectrum, therefore we aim to create possibilities for these amazing people to meet and work together.


Who are we?

Everything started in 2019, when we started organizing Festival Y?! 2020, the first ever festival for the young activists in the Baltics. 

In August 2020, we invited activist organizations and groups from across the Baltics to gather in Estonia for a four-day event – Festival Y?! 2020.

Lucky to have been able to squeeze the festival in between the lockdowns, we were astonished to see the enthusiasm of the participants when discussing the issues that we all feel so passionate about.

After the event, joined by new members, our team established ourselves as a Baltics-wide volunteers’ collective. As in our festival back in August, our goal remains connecting grassroots movements and organizations within the region.

Naturally, we didn’t want to let go of the momentum and decided to start building something even bigger: a network.

While the pandemic still holds the region in its tight grip, we are not risking to hold a festival this year and instead are building a region-wide network of organisations and individuals who share our values and are fighting the systemic and structural injustices through their various initiatives and platforms.

Building solidarity in the Baltics since 2019

Festival Organized

Webinars Facilitated

Active Collaboration

From August we have opened Emergency Fund for initiatives that urgently need support! 

Are you organising an action to draw attention to an urgent issue? Or to react to sudden political or societal developments? And weren’t you able to apply for our participatory funding opportunity because your action has to be organised immediately? In that case you can reach out to us directly. 

How to apply?

Send us an e-mail to with a specific subject line ‘Request for urgent financial support’

Shortly describe: 
– Who are you applying on behalf of (name of organisation/group/individual);
– Issue, action & situation (why do you need funding);
– When do you need the money;
– If possible specify what will you spend the money on.

A decision concerning your request will be made within days. Please note: this option is specifically meant for unforeseen situations (for example, changing political contexts, actions/protests facing unforeseen obstacles, arrests, etc.), not for last minute funding for actions that are already prepared and financially supported.

Considering that the emergency fund is fluid and constantly changing, we are not setting any limits on the amount you can apply for. After we receive your application we will let you know with what amount we can support you with (depending on how much money is left within the fund).



  • support politically controversial projects that have difficulty finding financial aid elsewhere;
  • urgent;
  • actionable (protests, direct action, revolutions, other creative forms of confrontational action, legal interventions, legal help, etc.);
  • supports groups, organizations or social movements that fight for a honest, just and ecologically sound society;
  • this fund won’t fund structural costs like wages or rental costs;
  • this fund won’t support conferences, seminars, debates or other meetings;
  • we don’t support political parties;
  • this fund doesn’t support cultural or educational projects that only aim at raising awareness.

Do I need to be a part of an organization in order to participate?

Not at all! The Network is open to participants of all shapes and sizes. You can be an NGO, a collective, a group of friends or you can come on your own! Here, what matters is our shared values and respect for each other.

What will be my responsibilities, if i decide to join?

Joining the Network doesn’t involve any responsibilities on itself. It will be up to you how much you want to get involved with your, or others’ initiatives. The whole network is voluntary and no one can make you take the responsibilities you don’t want; however, if you do decide to take up a task, we expect you to make that choice responsibly and be a team player. And remember, you can also hang out with us at our events and have fun with no responsibilities involved!

I dont have enough capacity to participate, but I would like to help from the side, as I am passionate about these issues. Is there anything I can do to help?

Glad you asked! Sorry to hear about your capacity, but if you still want to participate from the side, we absolutely love the idea already! Reach out to us and share your ideas, we are almost certain there is something we can come up with and collaborate. Thanks for popping in!

Where did you get the money from?

Good question! Last year, we sat down and wrote a project on behalf of our collective and applied for funding at Guerrilla Foundation. They liked the idea well enough to support us, so here we are sharing the money pot with you all with a goal of building solidarity in the region.

Do I have to pay to be in the network? Or maybe I can gain some cash?

No, we don’t take fees of any kind, so it’s all free of any charge for you to join. On the other hand, we also don’t pay wages, so you shouldn’t look at this as a job opportunity. The money we offer is there to take any financial burden off your shoulders when organizing all the amazing initiatives and making ideas take shape.

Are there any age restrictions for the participants?

Everyone is welcome to join, we simply don’t agree with ageism here! Right now, most of the events (or rather all of them, really!) take place online anyway, so all you need is an internet connection, we are not going to be checking your age at Zoom waiting room.

We provide Zoom access!

We want to support as much as we can. In the spirit of the same, we are happy to provide with access to premium Zoom video calling application, to whom may need in our network 🙂

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